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EFMS School Wide Rules

1. Follow directions quickly.

2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.

3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

4. Make smart choices.

5. Keep your dear teacher happy!

Falcon Bucks Menu

Students can use Falcon Bucks to purchase items from the menu below. Falcon Bucks are given to students by EFMS faculty and staff for getting "caught" using SOAR on campus.



Positive Behavior and Interventions and Support

The faculty and staff at Elysian Fields Middle School puts forth a diligent effort daily to encourage the students to make good choices and take responsibilities for their actions.  The students are rewarded for appropriate behavior and a system of consequences has been established to deter inappropriate behavior.  Elysian Fields has established school-wide classroom expectations and consequences in order to provide each student with a positive learning environment.  School-wide procedures are also in place so students are fully aware of appropriate behavioral expectations in the classrooms, hallway, cafeteria, bathrooms, and on the playground.  Rules and procedures are taught at the beginning of each school year and revisited midyear in order to ensure that all students are responsible for the expectation of S.O.A.R.

SOAR Cards

Soar Card.jpg


Students have the opportunity to attend PBIS reward activities at the end of each month for following SOAR expectations in the classroom and school wide. 


1.Homeroom teachers will hand out the new cards.

2.Students will bring cards to each class.

3.Teachers will initial/stamp cards at the end of class.

4.At the end of the day, it will be a student job to return the cards to the homeroom teacher.

5.Homeroom teacher will mark on cards if a student was absent.

6.Homeroom teacher will redistribute the cards.


Earn stamps/signatures daily by following SOAR in the classroom and the EFMS School Wide Rules!

85% Gets students into the monthly PBIS activity!

Students who receive a major office referral for that card period will not be able to attend the activity.



SOAR Rewards.jpg
SOAR consequences.png

SOAR Pledge

S - Self respect and Respect for Others

O - On time and Prepared

A - Accountable

R - Responsible

PBIS Reward Activities

SOAR Card Activities (2017-18):


Sept. 1 = Snowball Recess (students buy the snowballs = $1)

Sept. 29 = Popsicle Recess (free popsicle)

Oct. 27 = Class-O-Treat ($1 to dress in costume)

Dec. 1 = Nacho Recess (students buy nachos = $1)

Dec. 19 = Holly Hop Dance ($1 to Dress up/buy snacks)

Jan. 26 = Mardi Gras Parade (HR Duke & Maid – King/Queen)

Feb. 23 = Movie & A Treat ($1 Treat bag – drink and chips)

Mar. 30 = Bubbles Recess

April 27 = Ice Cream Sandwich Recess ($1 Ice Cream)

May 23 = Popsicle Recess and Kickball (Faculty vs Students)